3 Reasons To Make The Switch To Digital X-Rays

3 Reasons To Make The Switch To Digital X-Rays

29 June 2020
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X-ray imaging is an important part of the diagnostic process. Modern physicians use x-rays to help determine when bones are broken or find foreign objects within the body.

New technology has made it possible for physicians to switch from a film-based image to a digital image when taking x-rays of their patients. Making this switch has the potential to benefit both your medical practice and your patients over time.

1. Better Image Quality

The clearer an x-ray image is, the more definitive your diagnosis can be. Film-based images have a tendency to turn out blurry if either the patient or the radiology technician makes a movement while the image is being imprinted onto the film.

Digital x-rays can produce clearer images by using an image processing algorithm. This algorithm interprets the feedback received from the x-ray machine and enhances it to produce a clear and concise image. Higher image resolution will simplify the diagnostic process for your practice.

2. Increased Readability

Because the image quality of a digital x-ray is much better than the image quality of a film x-ray, digital images have a high level of readability. The primary image can be examined as-is to make a diagnosis, but you also have the ability to enhance a digital x-ray to cater to your needs.

Individual areas within a digital x-ray can be enlarged to reveal minute details that could be critical to your diagnosis. You can also control the brightness and contrast of the image to increase readability.

Investing in a digital x-ray machine allows you to obtain highly readable images for each patient who needs an x-ray as part of their medical evaluation.

3. Reduced Radiation Exposure

Radiation is a necessary component in the x-ray process. Exposure to large amounts of radiation could have detrimental effects on a person's health. Digital x-rays can reduce the amount of radiation required to create clear x-ray images.

Sensors on digital x-ray equipment are much more responsive than the sensors on traditional x-ray machines. This increased responsiveness means that less radiation is needed to produce a digital image.

Both your patients and your radiology technicians will be able to minimize their exposure to radiation when you choose to switch over to a digital x-ray system in your office.

Digital technology has given physicians the ability to generate x-ray images that are clear, readable, and safe. You can harness these benefits for your patients by investing in a digital x-ray machine.

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