ERP Features That Might Help Your Medical Device Manufacturing Business

ERP Features That Might Help Your Medical Device Manufacturing Business

18 August 2020
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Medical device manufacturers face many challenges as they struggle to meet requirements. Keeping track of all this information is much easier with the use of ERP software thanks to many of the features that are available. The features you may find in ERP software depends on which software suite you choose and the purpose of the software.

Maintaining Compliance

ERP software allows for document control and quality analysis. This allows for your next quality audit to be much easier, and you will have less to worry about. Safety and compliance are critical parts of medical device manufacturing. You will need to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies such as the FDA. Keep track of documents related to lab testing and sampling for quality assurance purposes. 

Tracking Warranties

Keep track of warranties so that you can repair and replace parts more easily without wasting money unnecessarily. Avoid downtime by having parts ordered and manage the shipment of replacements.

Marketing to Customers

When selling your medical devices, you must manage your customer data and coordinate and manage your aftercare support and services. Also, if you need to recall your product, you can keep track of which products you need to recall and contact your customers.

Managing the Lifecycle of a Project

To successfully bring a project to completion, you will need project lifecycle tracking and controls. Cloud ERP software allows you to compare the actual costs of a project to your current budget. You will be able to generate work orders, sales orders, and forecasts. 

Tracking Serial Numbers

If you need to track serial numbers for medical appliances, equipment, and other machinery, ERP software makes this much easier to do with the use of serial number tree graphs. Lot number and serial tracking allows you to manage the data of all your products through part numbers, bill of materials, and the integration of product lifestyle management or product change control. 

Shop Scheduling Visually

Skip over manual production planning. Analyze work center details in a manner much easier than through spreadsheets. Find the right balance between consumer demand and the limitations of your ability to produce the product. When working in the medical equipment industry, you'll have a much easier time remaining in compliance and optimizing your workflow. If you are not sure if a particular ERP software solution will be appropriate for your business, contact an ERP medical device manufacturing service for advice. 

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