4 Key Features To Look For When Selecting Hospital Crash Carts

4 Key Features To Look For When Selecting Hospital Crash Carts

11 April 2022
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If you need to source new crash carts for your hospital, then take some time to find products that meet your usage needs. You might need to buy different carts for different codes. In all cases, your carts should have the following features.

1. Dependable Maneuverability

You need to move crash carts fast. So, make sure to buy carts with robust wheel systems. If your wheels don't turn smoothly or stick in the wrong positions, then you'll find it hard to steer and move the cart. Some carts come with an extra wheel for steering and stability. This wheel helps keep the cart moving in the right direction, so it is useful to have.

2. Sufficient Storage Space

Crash carts come in different shapes and sizes. It's important to pick the right size of cart for your applications. If you can't fit everything on or in a cart, then you might not have access to life-saving medications, devices, or machines in emergency situations.

However, if your cart is too big, then it will take up unnecessary space. You'll also pay more for space you won't use. So, work out what needs to go on and in a cart before you buy.

3. Instant Access Configurations

While the right size of crash cart can hold everything it needs for its code, you also need to think about access when you use it. Your staff might need to use different devices, machines, and medications simultaneously. If they have to wait to open drawers or to turn a cart around to access a device, then they could lose precious time.

Look for carts with space for key devices on the top or sides of the cart. People should be able to access these devices while other people pull supplies out of drawers without getting in each other's way. Clear access from all sides could save lives.

4. Cord And Charging Management

You might need to charge some devices or pieces of equipment on a crash cart to keep them ready for a code call. Your cart might also contain lots of power cords for different devices and machines.

Some crash carts have integrated cord management systems. They gather together all your cords to keep them tidy and in the right places. They also have a consolidated outlet strip. Anything that needs charging between codes can be plugged into this strip. The strip then plugs into a single outlet for charging when the cart is in storage.

To see some examples of crash carts, contact medical equipment supply companies.

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